Top Ten Reasons To Use An Event Planner

  1. STRESS-FREE: You and your family and friends get to enjoy your day and the days leading up to
    the event/wedding.

  2. BENEFITS: You get the benefit of the planners connections - once you consult on your vision the
    planner will know just who to get to make it come to life - we've had months or even years to build a preferred vendor list and know who has what - most likely you don't have that kind of time to do all
    that research/negotiations.

  3. DISCOUNTS: You get the benefit of the planner’s discounts and negotiation expertise along with
    access to preferred vendors – oftentimes this covers our fee!

  4. FAMILY DYNAMICS: If there are difficult dynamics within the members included in the event, we can serve as the middleman thus preventing new issues from arising that would put a damper on your
    special day.

  5. ETIQUETTE: Proper etiquette is established and carried throughout the event from invitations to
    seating arrangements.

  6. TIMELINE: The timeline is created by someone who has expertise in time management of events- all
    the details are in place and follow through at just the right moments.  Think of us as the director or choreographer.

  7. BEHIND-THE-SCENES: While you are relishing your day we are in the background working with the vendors to make sure things are as they were contracted according to your established vision and
    timing as required to reduce extra charges.

  8. EXPERIENCE: The planner has experience and training in contract negotiations with vendors and can make sure all the appropriate details are included with nothing forgotten – vendors tend to perform
    better when they need to impress a planner thus providing you with a better event than you might
    have had otherwise.

  9. DETAILS: Not even the smallest detail is left out such as lighting, which is a common oversight. We can even offer additional details that are unique and unusual!

  10. PRESTIGE: Since your event is handled professionally and nothing is overlooked, you get the day you
    had envisioned and the quality and uniqueness of the event doesn't go unnoticed by your guests.